Business Management Services

Outsource Options to Allow Focus on Your Areas of Expertise

Guglielmi & Ohira maintains our client's checking, savings and money market accounts. Maintaining these accounts consists of preparing checks or transfer funds for payment of normal monthly expenditures such as credit card bills, utility bills, home mortgage payments, etc. and also unexpected transactions. We receive funds from agents, managers, and other sources to be deposited into their appropriate bank accounts. At the end of each month, upon receipt of bank statements, we reconcile the bank accounts to verify the proper account balances.

On a monthly basis, we submit to the clients:

  • Bank account summaries which includes the opening and closing balances, and detailed lists of deposits made and checks drawn on your accounts.

  • Month end balance sheets

  • Monthly profit and loss statements.

  • Monthly cash flow report.

  • General Ledgers

  • Personal budgeting analys

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